Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh

Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh
बाबा बीश्व्कर्मायः नमः

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Scientific inventims have made this world worth living . They have provided us with various means of comforts and luxuries . Electricity is one of the best among them . There is no walk of life in which electricity is not used in this days . This is an industrial age . The use of big and heavy machines have increased the production of goods . But the machines work economically only with the help of electricity . In our country we find flour mills , crushers , saw mills etc. functioning with electricity . Thus electric power has not only brought light to our homes but to our minds also . We have given some of the most common uses of electricity > The description of its utility in our daily life is unending. Electricity comes an integral part of peoples live from the moment they use it . As long as electricity is available, nobody really thinks of it that much . The importance of electricity will only be realized if the power goes out . So electricity in this age is being treated as one of the basic need of our life .
The right person to call when you 9have electrical problems at your place in the electricians. There are lots of electricians who are willing to offer there services to help you at any electrical problems. But license electricians are the best persons to do the repair and maintenance work on your electrical problems. These professionals are trained and have spent time in trade schools and apprenticeship  programmer to have enough knowledge an how to safely work with electricity .
Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical power system in homes and industries, electrical equipment and almost anything that involves electricity . Accidents like electrocution and falling from a high place because electrical wirings are elevated may occur in this kind of job . These are the reasons why electricians should have proper educations that involves extensive trainings or hads on experience from a technical school . Our lives revolve around electricity . A common profession that falls under electrical section is of the electrician . They are experts of all electric circuitry that is used in house , apartments and offices . There is one job in the electricity that related to the government i.e. the electrical inspector . The inspector works for the city officials . They firstly have to check for safety and make a report . They also have the authority to shut a place down if they do not find the safety standards up to the mark . This is good profession to get into as they get all the good benefits that come with a govt. job .    
The control of electrical hazards is an important part of every safety and healthy program me . The responsibility program me should be delegated to individuals who have a complete knowledge of electricity , electrical work practices and the appropriate OSMA standards for installation and performance the duty of the consumers who consumer electricity is to pay their electrical dues in proper time,so that all will be obliged and which will also help for the healthy department to render good service .
The management of electric department is also requested to pay the genuine claims and accidental benefits to the electricity workers in proper time so that , they will be obliged to the department and try to render good service for the department .
Every one has the right to work in a safe environment through co-operative efforts, Employer and Employees can learn to identity and eliminate or control electrical hazards untidy .  

                 Prachi prabha mohapatra,      

             Grand Daughter of Niranjan padhiari

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