Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh

Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh
बाबा बीश्व्कर्मायः नमः

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Obviously speaking Trade Unions are the back bone of Industrial Sector . It is alike a back bone , but always in a molten state if not work within the frame work  of I.D Act 1947 . Our constitution has conferred  a lot of rights which are the based upon certain statutory provisions & rites . No doubt 100 or more persons working in a Industrial sector have their statutory rights to register a Trade union Under the provision of Indian Trade Union Act. 1926 . It is very easy to constitute a Trade Union , but very difficult task to run and move without any basic and strong by-law under the governance of a skilled and law binding executives . Many a examples in our power sector of Odisha likely O.S.E.B. /GRIDCO / & within four distribution companies of Odisha . Where mushroom like growth of Trade Unions were registered . Thus, it was & is all times diffracted  views were every time established in the midst of any common & Structural Trade Union movement . As such history speaks that any Trade Union movement in power sector organization of Odisha suffered a lot due to want of common efforts and for the lack of common views .
We have seen many a instances in our Organization that every time  management had tried his level best to subside any movements of Union , but has gained to divide a registered Trade Union into two parts . In this process , day to day , year by year one Trade union has divided in to many other Trade Unions but the interference of the bad management . It was / is only possible due to uncultured and vested leader ships , who were every time were sold due to their charismatic views and profitable attitude . Thus , democracy in Trade Union became crushed under the poor leadership of their vested interest .
We have seen in the past and also in recent that many a Trade Unions have to of their owned potentialities and good  perception of Trade Union activities within the statutory power & function . As such they every time hired the political shelter and tried their level best to be within the nut cell of political shelter . It is one of the most important factor , for which the goal of any Trade Union movement turned down before reaching the conclusion under the process of collective bur gain policy . Thus , interest of the members are every time ignored and profit of the one man is at the top .
In our past experience we observed that instead of paving our Trade Union movement , we became very reattributed to knock down our sister concern Unions and their suggestion due to par avoid attitude of leaders . As such prior to achieving our legitimate demands , the Trade Union movement in the organization  became suffered a like a penance . Due to such behave the Trade Union movement in India / Odisha , as a whole is being suffered instantly and recurrently by this if so factor .
Our constitution has empowered the Trade Union Act. And has awarded enormous privileges and the Article with providing laws of protections to the Trade Union & also to keep them Under the rein . But the Trade Union practice , nexus with the management in creating a bar for better management of Trade Union and thus the achievement of Trade Union activities is always in a retire mode .
Thus , in my opinion  it is the right time to rethink about our structural deficiencies and lack of lawful movement , all the central / provincial registered Trade Unions are to pressurized our Members of parliament to ensure us with a better Trade Union laws & its all co-related laws to strengthen our further movements in a magnitude and the Trade Union activities should be free from the grab of political parties .
Trade Unions and their movement should be rethink under new look future activities under the purview constitution of India & its further amendments of laws relating . 

Ashok kumar ghosh , Advocate & Trade Union Activities , NESCO

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