Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh

Welcome to Vishwakarma Sanketh
बाबा बीश्व्कर्मायः नमः

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A new name given to electricity , Is not it ? In this context it may so happen that how ELECTRICITY is spiritual . Let us go for a story .
There are five sense (Indriyas) which performs normal duty of a human being . The Darshanendriya represented by Eye,The Ghranendriya represented by Nose,The Shrabanendriya represented by Ear , The Rasanendriya represented by the Tongue and the last is the Saparshendriya represented by Skin or the portions of the body which wants to touch .
 The Darshanendriya or the eye always seeks beautiful , objects to see . The different creatures of God are attracted towards the flame of a burning object and consequently they got burnt and destroyed . Similar is the case in case of Shrabanendriya . The deer loves to hear to sound generated by a flute . The deer on its part is attracted towards the beautiful sound of flute and the hunter catches it easily . Now we go for Rasendriyas attraction , that is a fish . It loves to take good food suitable for its tongue . You may have noticed that how a fish is strongly attracted towards food in a pond if you through some biscuits etc into the pond . The fishermen being well aware of the fact throws some food for the fish and catches the fish . If we talk about Sparshendriya then it comes to our mind of the case of elephant . This Sparshor touch can be described as a Kamaor sexual attraction . The male elephant is very much eager to have sex with female elephant and the poacher ( A Man ) knows better then any body . The hunter starts digging a bigger hoel and cover over it with tree branches so that the male elephant can not knows and tries to cross the hole to meet the female elephant and thrown in to the hole where it was not fed with food or water resulting in death of the elephant .
Electricity is beautiful . We are inclined to touch the apparatus till we do not know that Electricity is flowing in the apparatus and come in touch just like the above named elephant and got electrocuted . Some wise persons have told Prevention   is better then Cure . There comes the safety which prevention of electrical accident which may be fatal or nonfatal . Enough training and sufficient safety devices are always mandatory for working in the vicinity of Electricity . The people working within the sphere of electricity should abide by safety guide lines issued by The Electricity Act. 2003 section 53 which is as follows :-
Provision relating to safety and Electricity supply . The authority may in consultation with the State  Government , Specify suitable measures for :-
a)  Protecting the public ( including the persons engaged in the generation , transmission or distribution or trading ) from dangers arising from the generation , transmission or distribution or trading of electricity or use of electricity supplied or installation , maintenance or use of any electric line or electric plant ;
b) Eliminating or reducing the risks of personal injury to any person , or damage to property of any person or interference with use of such property ;
c) Prohibiting the supply or transmission of electricity except by means of a system which conforms to the specifications as may be specified .
d) Giving notice in the specified from to the Appropriate commission and the Electrical Inspector of accidents and failures of supplies or transmission of Electricity ;
e) keeping by a generating company or license the maps , plans and sections by any person authorized by it or by Electrical Inspector or by any person on payment of specified fee;
f) Specifying action to be taken in relation to any electric line or electrical plant , or any electrical appliance under the control of a consumer for the purpose of eliminating or reducing the risk of personal injury or damage to property or interference with its use .
Besides all those , it is also advised to carry out following activities .
The overhead lines should be patrolled periodically at intervals not exceeding 3 months , from the ground , when the line is live for the following and corrective action taken .
a) Conductor and earth wire for , excessive or loose sags , improper  clearance and broken strand-loose or broken binding wires or tapes , clearance with other lines bind nests and all other extraneous matter .
b) Insulators for burnt and fused spots , broken porcelain/burnt or tilted insulators .
c) Earth equipment for damaged or broken earth wire missing conductor , fixing staples on supports and missing clamps etc.
d) Stays for loose and over tight stays .
e) Trees for their branches etc likely to fall in the line .
f) Jumpers for their looseness or jumbling on the poles .
g) Supports for tilted , cracked or broken poles , deformed cross arms , rusted and cracked nuts and settled or bulging soil around pole foundations .
h) Various other works like construction of roads and bridges etc and laying of telephone lines and other power lines near ,
In addition to the above the following precautiona are to be observed by people working on electrical lines .
1 . Before commencement of any work in the live electrical 33 KV/11KV/LT lines and distribution sub-station the same should be isolated by breakers/isolators/AB switches from all sides and should be solidly earthed .
2 . The Junior Managers are responsible for  planning all works as mentioned above and should give clear instructions regarding the nature of works and precautions to be taken during the work to the charge man / lineman in charge of the work along with the safety apparatus and appliances such as live line tools and tackles first aid boxes .
3 . The concerned charge man / line man duty instructed by the junior managers shall be solely responsible for the work entrusted to him till its safe completion .
4 . All electrical circuits are to be treated as live and no work should be taken up at any point of the system unless they are DEAD and EARTHED .
5 . The workman should not touch any conductor with bare finger or hand to determine whether it is alive . They must use insulated gloves , footwear , mats and tools because all voltage  are dangerous and ever low voltage shock could be fatal .
6 . When using a test lamp for checking circuits the burning of the lamps positively indicates the presence of voltage in the circuit  but the converse is not always true . A test lamp not burning may be due to insufficient voltage or due to defectiveness in connections / bulb / holder . screw cap bulbs should not be used for the test lamps .
7 . No workman under the influence of the intoxicants should be permitted to remain on job or around the premises of the works .
8 .(a) Possibility of back feeding should be ensured before commencement of the works .
    (b) The isolators / AB switches should be disconnected and line should be properly earthed both sides of the working zone before attending the work . All ground leads MUST be applied to an removed from transmission and primary distribution conductors with HOT LINE STICK . The ground connection MUST be made first and removed last in all cases .
   (c) While replacing HT fuses at the Transformer sub-station the AB switches must be opened and same is earthed before placing uses .
   (d) NMRs/Unskilled laborers should not be allowed to work on live lines .
   (e) Each charge man / line man / work man should be fully trained to be fully conversant with cardio pulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration and first aid as described in the manual .
9 . Only workers on the line and equipments of 11/33 KV systems and above should be undertaken under the direct supervision of the officer not below the rank of Junior Manager with a work permit as per the procedures enumerated in chapter (1A) .
Protection systems should be checked for satisfactory operation periodically and at least once in six months for its sound operation and any repair / replacement required shall be done .
Different prosecution sections can be initiated against offenders responsible for fatal and nonfatal accidents . Therefore , along with appointment of SAFETY OFFICERS other organization like forest , labor and medical may constitute a monitoring cell involving the District Administration .
So TOUCH ( SPARSH ) is again to be controlled and each and every aspect of a live line is to be considered before working on it being got excited .
Er.Sarbeswar Bhunya ,   Sr. General Manager ,NESCO   

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